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Every Hero Needs a Mask!!

Your kids needs masks for their safety. The Nanowave Kids Mask is a premium face mask made with all the latest technology and features, including an Advanced five-layer Filtration System, soft all-day NanoFoam and Easy-Fit Ear Piece comfort for a whole day at school, Moldable Nose Clips for better fit, built to endure to 30 days of continuous kid use and washing, all in a trendy range of colours and designs. A proudly South African mask!

Advanced Filtration Technology – GB/T32610-2016 Certified

The Nanowave Kids Mask uses a safe five-layered Filtration System with two 30 gsm Melt-blown filter layers, two PM2.5 Particulate filter layers and one Activated Charcoal filter layer. This multi-layer filtration system is 100% washable and reusable for up to 30 days, making proper kiddies’ masks more affordable. Nanowave masks are Certified to GB/T32610-2016 standard and come with a certificate inside the packaging.

All Day Comfort

The clever filtration system in the Nanowave Kids Mask Junior lives inside two outside layers of soft Nanofoam, which feels nice against the skin of your child’s face. Soft Easy-fit Ear Pieces are kind on your child’s ears. If they haven’t tried the Nanowave yet, they’ll know that many masks don’t feel nice after a few hours. Younger kids often prefer face shields for this reason.

But kids love the soft feel and comfortable hugging feel of their Nanowave Masks so they can wear them all day – at home or at school. All day comfort means all day protection. One less thing for your kids to worry about.

Nose Clip for a Better Fit

This version (v2) of the Nanowave Mask Junior has a soft built-in bendy Nose Clip for a comfier fit. It also means your glasses won’t fog up! What a pain that can be!!

Nanowave Colours your Kids will Love

Kids must wear a mask when outside now, but they want to look good and choose what they wear each day. The Nanowave Kids Mask range makes them stand out from their friends with trendy styles and a bold range of colours including black, grey, blue and pink. Kids just love ’em!!

nanowave kids mask in blue

Durability and Care for your Nanowave Kids Mask

Kids tend to break things but the Nanowave Kids Mask has been built to withstand all-day wear and daily washing for 30 days’ continuous use. At the end of each day, handwash your child’s mask with warm soapy water, to inactivate any coronavirus and make it safe again for your child.

It’s hard to get your child to stop touching their face, so if they’re a bit older, you could give them a 100ml bottle of Rescue International WHO Enhanced Formula Hand Sanitiser for them to carry in a pocket. It inactivates 100% of coronavirus with 30 seconds of hand rubbing. This wouldn’t be appropriate for a younger child of course.

South Africans Came Up with the Idea!!

Did you know that the Nanowave kids masks were designed by two South African friends who grew up in the Western Cape? Dr Chad Marthinussen and Gino Lange, best friends from Paarl and Woodstock have given jobs to just over 1000 people that work for them and have helped other business which might have had to close otherwise.

Dr Marthinussen has also created funding for feeding schemes in Paarl East where he grew up. When you buy Nanowave Masks you are buying a product that was thought up, designed and continues to be innovated BY South Africans, IN South Africa. How cool is that?

Nanowave Masks for the Whole Family!

We also sell Nanowave masks for parents! If you buy some for the whole family you could save some money on free shipping. We offer free shipping on any orders over R1,000.

Summary of features for the Nanowave Kids Mask

  • Clever Advanced Filtration Technology with Five Layers
  • All-day Nanofoam Comfort for Home or School
  • Soft Easy-fit Ear Pieces
  • Snug Nose Clip for Better Fit
  • Reduced fogging if you wear glasses
  • Built for all-day wear and daily washing for 30 days
  • Five different bold colours
  • GB/T32610-2016 Certified
  • Designed by South Africans who are helping feed the poor
  • Selling out quickly

Additional information

Weight19 g
Dimensions3 × 170 × 180 mm

Black, Grey, Blue, Pink