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Introducing the Revolutionary Nanowave Face Mask!! ? ❤️

Nanowave Face Masks are premium masks designed with all the latest technology and features, including an Advanced Five-layer Filtration System, all-day NanoFoam and soft Easy-Fit Ear Piece comfort, Moldable Nose Clip for reduced fogging on glasses, durability to last 30 days of continuous daily wear and washing, all in a bold and striking range of colours and designs to suit kids and adults. Invented and designed by South Africans in South Africa!

Advanced Five-Layer Filtering – GB/T32610-2016 Certified

The Nanowave Face Mask uses a Filtration System with five separate layers consisting of two 30gsm Melt-blown/ Non-woven filter layers, two PM2.5 Particulate filter layers and one Activated Charcoal filter layer. This innovative multi-layer filtration system is designed to be 100% washable and reusable for up to 30 days, making innovative face mask technology more affordable. Nanowave face masks are Certified to GB/T32610-2016 standard and each pack comes complete with a certificate inside.

All Day Comfort

The filtration system in the Nanowave Face Mask is carefully sealed inside two outer layers of Advanced Nanofoam, which is specifically designed to feel comfortable against the skin of your face. Soft Easy-fit Ear Pieces are kind on your ears. If you haven’t tried the Nanowave yet, you’ll know that many masks can become uncomfortable after a few hours.

Nanowave users love the soft feel and comfortable hugging feel of their masks so they can wear them all day – just like your other clothes. All day comfort means all day protection. Why suffer with an uncomfortable face mask?

Reduced Fogging on Glasses

Version 2 of the Nanowave Mask has a soft built-in Moldable Nose Clip for a closer, more contoured fit to help reduce misting or fogging on glasses that can make life difficult if you’re trying to read and wearing your mask at the same time.

Nanowave Fashion – Be Safe! Be Seen!

It’s now the law that we wear a mask when we leave the house during the coronavirus pandemic. Face masks have become items of clothing and people want to look good and have choices about the look and feel of what they wear each day. The Nanowave Face Mask range makes you can stand out from the crowd with eye-catching and vivid designs in a range of colours to suit your own style, including black, grey, blue, teal and pink. Wear your Nanowave with Pride. Accessorise!!

nanowave face mask

Durability and Care for your NanoWave Mask

Nanowave masks and their Advanced Five-layered filtration System are carefully built to withstand all-day wear and daily washing for 30 days’ continuous use. Handwash your mask with warm soapy water, the best way to inactivate the lipophilic coating on coronavirus and make it safe again at the end of each day.

Avoid touching the outside of your mask while wearing it. If you do then you can carry a 100ml bottle of Rescue International WHO Enhanced Formula Hand Sanitiser in your pocket or handbag and inactivate 100% of coronavirus with 30 seconds of hand rubbing.

Invented and Designed in South Africa!!

Nanowave Face Masks are the brain child of Dr Chad Marthinussen and Gino Lange, best friends from Paarl and Woodstock in the Western Cape. The success of the Nanowave Face Mask has created employment for just over 1000 people working for their Wave Innovate business and saved several other supply chain businesses from closing and laying off staff during a time of great economic hardship for millions of South African citizens.

Dr Marthinussen has also created funding for feeding schemes in Paarl East where he grew up. When you buy Nanowave Face Masks you are buying a product that was conceived, designed and continue to be innovated BY South Africans, IN South Africa.

Kids NanoWave Masks ❤️

We also supply Nanowave Kids Masks. Why not buy some for the whole family and save on shipping? – free for any orders over R1,000.

Summary of NanoWave Mask v2

  • Advanced Filtration Technology with five separate layers
  • GB/T32610-2016 Certified
  • All-day Nanofoam Comfort
  • Soft Easy-fit Ear Pieces
  • Moldable Nose Clip for Improved Fit
  • Reduced fogging and misting on glasses
  • Durable product designed for all-day wear and daily washing for 30 days
  • Bold, striking look available in five different colours
  • Available in two different sizes for Adults and Juniors
  • Popular South African brand which funds impoverished citizens
  • Selling out quickly when stock arrives

Additional information

Weight21 g
Dimensions3 × 170 × 180 mm

Black, Grey, Teal, Blue, Pink