Rescue International Hand Sanitizer 100ml



Spread the Love, Not the Coronavirus!

Need moisturised, coronavirus-free hands on-the-go? No problem! Rescue International’s WHO Enhanced-Formula Hand Sanitizer completely deactivates coronavirus in 30 seconds. It also kills most bacteria within a minute. Just to be complete – herpes, influenza, adeno, entero, rhino and rota viruses don’t stand a chance either!

You’ve been hearing it since you were a kid, but let’s say it again for the folks in the back. Keeping your hands clean is the easiest way to prevent illness and stop the spread of bacteria and viruses. It’s no myth – here’s the science if you want to brush up on the benefits of hand hygiene.

The Best Hand Santizer for your Pocket or Handbag

Short on room? Our Rescue International branded hand sanitizer 100ml bottle fits wherever you’ve got a little space: your purse, glove box, pocket, anywhere! And even though they’re small, they pack a big punch – killing 100% of coronavirus in 30 seconds. Plus, they’re specially formulated to soften and condition skin, making them perfect for when you need a little extra moisture in a pinch! The secure top stops any spilling when you’re running around and you can also buy larger hand sanitiser products like our 1 litre bottle to keep them topped up!

No Water to Wash your Hands?

Soap and water aren’t always available when you leave the house. Public toilets can be few and far between, and let’s face it, they can be an additional hazard that’s best avoided during a pandemic. Drying your hands on a random towel puts you back to square one as there’s no way of knowing if it’s sterile or not.

And soap and water aren’t an option in your car when you need to sterilize your hands. Or for cleaning the steering wheel and car door handles once you get home. Rescue International’s range of premium 80% strength alcohol sanitizers are the only realistic option for hand sanitization on the move.

There’s no more effective way to deactivate coronavirus than Rescue International’s highly effective WHO Enhanced Formula alcohol hand sanitizer.

Which is Better – Hand Sanitizer vs Soap and Water?

It’s a close call – both are effective, and soap may be better at removing dirt.

But 97% of people don’t wash their hands properly when they use soap and water and they aren’t always available.

ALSO – In one study involving 911 kids, using alcohol sanitizer led to a quarter less infections and 31% less antibiotic prescriptions compared to washing hands using soap and water. The soap and water kids also suffered significantly more sick days off school than the hand sanitizer kids. Properly supervised alcohol hand sanitizer may keep your kids healthier and stop them getting some respiratory infections.

Deactivates 100% of coronavirus in 30 seconds

The best hand sanitizer products use the WHO Enhanced Formula, which has been scientifically proven to completely deactivate the coronavirus causing covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2) in Swiss and German laboratories as recently as July 2020.

Alcohol Hand Sanitisers need to be at least 70% strength to deactivate viruses, but 80% is more effective and deactivation occurs more quickly.

And 70% hand sanitiser may also be losing its strength to kill some pathogens. Alcohol Resistance Mutations have emerged which may make our 80% concentration hand sanitizer WHO Enhanced Formula a better choice.

Quick Drying, Soft Hands, Free from Allergens

Rescue International Hand Sanitizer 100ml easily coats your hands with a quick-drying WHO-Enhanced Formula containing the correct amount of protective glycerol, so your hands are left feeling fresh, soft and (most importantly) virus-free after just 30 seconds.

Our sanitizer is also free from a long list of other ingredients commonly found in cheaper sanitizer products that can interfere with your body’s immune and endocrine systems and cause irritation or allergies – for example isopropyl alcohol, scents, magic potions and goodness knows what else you can find on our supermarket shelves.

The alcohol we use in our hand sanitizer is the highest grade and purity available. We believe it to be the best hand sanitizer product available online.

Alcohol Hand Sanitizer 100ml Safety

Directions – Place enough product on hands to cover all surfaces. Rub hands together for 30-60 seconds until dry.

As with all sanitizing products, only use externally (please ignore President Trump!), take care to keep out of the reach of young children and supervise them when they use it. Avoid contact with eyes and if ingested please consult a doctor urgently. Store between 15-30C.

Composition – ethanol (80%v/v), purified water, glycerol, hydrogen peroxide

ISO 22000 certified Quality Conformance/ QC001 (IH) tested. SG 1,01 @ 25oC, pH 8.33. Manufacturing certification GMP/HACCP.

Best 100ml Hand Sanitizer – Check the Facts

  • Hand Sanitizer 100ml completely deactivates the coronavirus causing covid-19 in 30 seconds
  • Hand Sanitizer 100ml completely deactivates most bacteria in one minute
  • It also deactivates herpes, influenza, adeno, entero, rhino and rota viruses
  • Scientifically proven as best alcohol sanitizer formula for coronavirus
  • Quick drying with glycerol to keep your hands soft with no sticky residue
  • Effective 80% WHO Enhanced Formula
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Supervised use in children may reduce respiratory infections, antibiotic prescriptions and days off school
  • Doesn’t interfere with your immune system
  • Doesn’t interfere with your endocrine system
  • Premium branded product using highest grade ingredients
  • Perfect 100ml size for your pocket or handbag when you’re on the move
  • ISO 22000 certified Quality Conformance/ QC001 (IH) tested

Additional information

Weight106 g
Dimensions130 × 40 × 40 mm