Rescue International Hand Sanitizer 1 Litre



Spread the Love, Not the Coronavirus!

Need moisturised, coronavirus-free hands at home and work? No problem! Rescue International’s WHO Enhanced-Formula Hand Sanitizer 1 Litre product completely deactivates coronavirus in just 30 seconds. It also kills most bacteria within 60 seconds. AND – it also covers herpes virus, influenza virus, adeno virus, entero virus, rhino virus and rota viruses too!

We all know it’s true – keeping your hands clean is the easiest way to prevent illness and stop the spread of viruses and bacteria. Here’s a summary of the science on the benefits of hand hygiene.

Keeping your Pocket Hand Sanitizer Topped Up

Our Hand Sanitizer 100ml product is great for keeping in your pocket or handbag when you’re out the house. And the Hand Sanitizer 500ml product is perfect to keep next to your front door for visitors or in the glove box of your car. So what do people use our 1 Litre bottle for?

Rescue International customers often use the 1 Litre Hand Sanitizer for keeping their 100ml bottles topped up. This saves money and saves on plastic waste. It’s easy with our screw-top caps.

Or you can use it for jobs that need more volume – like washing down your shopping when you get back home, or ensuring work surfaces are coronavirus free.  Our Rescue International branded Hand Sanitizer 1 Litre bottle is the perfect choice when you need a bit more volume.

Remember, the contents are highly effective – proven to deactivate 100% of coronavirus in 30 seconds in laboratory testing. And they’re especially formulated to soften your skin, making them the best hand sanitizer choice when you need a little extra moisturising!

Which is Better – Hand Sanitizer or Water and Soap?

It’s hard to be sure – both work, and soap is better at removing grime.

But it’s fact that 97% of people don’t wash their hands properly with soap and water – so in practice hand sanitizer often performs better in real world testing.

There is also some important research carried out on almost a thousand children in Spain, which found that kids using hand sanitizer picked up 25% less respiratory infections and had 31% less antibiotic prescriptions compared to kids washing their hands with soap and water. The hand sanitizer kids also had significantly less sick days off school than the soap and water kids.

So you might want to consider that properly supervised alcohol sanitizer use can lead to less respiratory infections, less antibiotic use and less spread of disease for your children.

Complete Deactivation of Coronavirus in Thirty Seconds

The Rescue International Hand Sanitizer 1 Litre product uses the WHO Enhanced Formula proven to completely deactivate 100% of novel coronavirus in laboratories within 30 seconds of careful hand rubbing in Swiss laboratories.

Alcohol Hand Sanitizer should be at least 70% concentration to deactivate viruses, but the 80% strength alcohol sanitizer we use has greater potency and deactivation is more rapid.

The other factor you must consider before choosing between 70% and 80% hand sanitizer is that  70% hand sanitizer is starting to lose its strength to kill some pathogens. You can read more here on how Alcohol Resistance Mutations are emerging which may make our 80% concentration specified in the WHO Enhanced Formula the best choice, especially as time goes by and resistance starts to build.

Quick Drying, Soft Hands, Free from Allergens

Rescue International Hand Sanitizer provides a quick-drying WHO-Enhanced Formula with just the right amount of protective glycerol, so your hands are left feeling fresh, soft and coronavirus-free – after just thirty seconds.

The best hand sanitizers are also free from the unnecessary extra chemicals usually found in cheaper products which interfere with your body’s immune and endocrine systems (to name but two) and cause irritation or even worse – allergies – for example isopropyl alcohol, scents and perfumes, and triclosan which is a common ingredient in antibiotic soaps on sale in our supermarkets.

The ethanol we use in our hand sanitizer 1 litre bottles is the highest grade and purity available in the Republic of South Africa.

Alcohol Sanitizer Safety

Directions – Place enough product on hands or surfaces to completely coat the area you wish to sterilise. Rub hands or wipe surfaces for 30-60 seconds.

Please only use externally and avoid getting any in your eyes. Store away from young children and supervise them when they use it. If ingested please consult a doctor urgently. Hand Sanitizer 1 litre bottles are best stored between 15-30C.

Composition – contains ethanol (80%v/v), purified water, glycerol, hydrogen peroxide

ISO 22000 certified Quality Conformance/ QC001 (IH) tested. SG 1,01 @ 25oC, pH 8.33. Manufacturing certification GMP/HACCP.

Best Hand Sanitizer 1 Litre – Check the Facts

  • Completely deactivates the coronavirus causing covid-19 in 30 seconds
  • Completely deactivates most bacteria in one minute
  • Also deactivates herpes, influenza, adeno, entero, rhino and rota viruses
  • Scientifically tested in Swiss and German laboratories
  • Quick drying with glycerol to keep your hands soft with no sticky residue
  • Stronger 80% WHO Enhanced Formula
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Supervised use in children may reduce respiratory infections, antibiotic prescriptions and days off school
  • Doesn’t interfere with your immune system
  • Doesn’t interfere with your endocrine system
  • Premium branded product using highest grade ingredients
  • Hand Sanitizer 1 Litre bottle perfect volume for filling up smaller bottles, sterilising surfaces or shopping
  • ISO 22000 certified Quality Conformance/ QC001 (IH) tested

Additional information

Weight904 g
Dimensions240 × 80 × 80 mm