Face Mask Fashion – Not Just for Survival

Discover how to look good while wearing one

We know that wearing a face mask reduces the spread of coronavirus. Alongside handwashing and social distancing, face masks are a useful tool in stopping the spread of the virus that has brought the world to a virtual standstill. Yet nobody anticipated how positively the fashion world would react – high street and online outlets are jumping on the need for fashionable face masks by designing and selling them alongside more traditional accessories, such as handbags and shoes.

Face Mask Fashion is Trending

Once a ‘really-should-have’, face coverings are now considered a ‘must-have’. The essential part of any outfit – a search on Instagram for #facemasks throws up a staggering 5.4 million posts, many dedicated to the fashion aspect of face coverings.

The internet is dripping with unique designs. Kitchen table businesses are offering quirky options, while designers fashion ostentatious diamanté-covered creations. And, if diamanté isn’t quite luxurious enough to fulfil your needs, take inspiration from the deep-pocketed shopper who commissioned an Israeli jewellery company to design a bespoke mask.

The $1.5 million 18-carat white gold mask is encrusted with 3,600 black and white diamonds. The brief? To design a mask that complies with safety standards, is ready by the end of the year, and (the easiest to fulfil) is the most expensive face mask in the world. However, it does come with a hefty price tag and weighs in at a whopping 270 grams. Definitely one for short journeys!


Are Face Masks Actually Effective?

A report published in The Lancet in early June found that there is just a 3% chance of contracting COVID-19 whilst wearing a face mask. The study analysed data from 172 studies across 16 countries.

A later study carried out by the University of Edinburgh backed this up, reporting that masks limit exhaled breath distance by up to 90%; a comforting protection if you happen to be close to a COVID-19 carrier.

Another study from Cambridge University reported that even a basic homemade mask can significantly reduce transmission, going some way to helping prevent a second wave. All strong reasons to arm yourself with a range of face coverings.

Our new world is certainly a frightening one, but it has brought with it many more ways in which we can express ourselves. The closing of bars and other community spaces forced us to get more creative with our social lives. Bars, groups and venues are making the most of technology to keep in touch with clients, and even museums have got in on the online game, using the #MuseumFromHome hashtag to take us on virtual gallery tours. All these activities bring a little cheer to an otherwise scary time, with colourful face mask fashion no exception, allowing us to express ourselves despite being forced to keep our expressions under wrap.

A huge positive to choosing a designed cloth mask over a paper surgical alternative is environmental. There is a risk that there will soon be more masks than jellyfish in our oceans, with a glut of discarded single-use face coverings washing up on shorelines every day. Embracing the ecological and fashion elements of reusable face masks seems to be the only sensible option. So, if in doubt choose a semi-reusable or reusable and washable face covering instead of adding to landfill, or the sea, by electing a single-use style. Additionally – ignoring the 1.5 million price tag of the bespoke diamond-encrusted mask mentioned earlier – a rotation of reusable face masks is cheaper than using a new mask each time you enter an indoor or public space.

Fashionable Face Masks to Buy Online

No more generic pale blue surgical mask – let your personality shine through with a colourful creation (preferably one which matches your other accessories). Have a look at our online shop for a range of masks for both adults and children.

Karina Evans
22 August, 2020 7:44 am